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EquiLaw LLC specializes equestrian law in serving individuals and entities in the equestrian community by providing equine legal solutions for equine owners and equine businesses. Our equine attorney offers services including legal support for equestrian sale, leasing a horse, horse bill of sale, and equine legal advice.

Equine Law Services

EquiLaw LLC is happy to provide strategies and solutions for clients throughout the United States. Learn more about our services below or let us know how we can be of assistance to you by contacting our office for your free initial consultation.


Available Equine Law Services

equilaw equine law services


Drafting Agreements

Equilaw provides agreement drafting and review services covering nearly any type of agreement for your equine business and lifestyle including:

  • Horse Purchase and Sale
  • Leasing
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Boarding
  • Employment
  • Contractors
  • Agency Agreements with Dealers and Brokers
  • Liability Releases
  • Importing
  • Transportation
  • Vendors

Equine Partnership Agreements

Many equine relationships are actually equine partnerships. 49 states have adopted the Uniform Partnership Act (“UPA”), which states that two or more parties’ intention to carry on a business together for profit is sufficient to create an “equine partnership.” This is regardless of the business making profit, and regardless of anything in writing memorializing their arrangement. The following situations would likely be deemed a partnership.

  • Client and trainer agree to purchase a horse to resell. Client paying for the horse and the trainer providing training.
  • Stallion owner sells “shares” of a stallion to several other people that entitle them to share in the expenses/profits.
  • Two breeders decide to share a broodmare.
  • Two individuals purchase a horse together so that they can share in the care, responsibilities and fun of horse ownership.
  • Friends decide to go into the boarding business together. One friend buys the boarding facility and the other friend runs it, with the understanding that they will split the profits.

If you find yourself part of an equine partnership, it is important you get protected with an LLC and an Operating Agreement. Many do not realize they are part of a partnership until they try to walk away. Equilaw can help protect you from this situation.

How can I Get an Agreement?

Whether we assist with drafting a new agreement, reviewing an existing agreement or negotiation, Equilaw can provide you with high quality agreement assistance. We are ready to help you with your next equine agreement. Start with a free consultation.


Sale and Lease Disputes

Negotiation and Drafting of Purchase & Sales, Leasing, Breeding, Training, Boarding, Employment, Liability Releases, Importing & Transportation Arrangements.
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Equine Business Law and Formation of Business Entities

Running a business requires an enormous range of legal knowledge. From contracts to liability to intellectual property, you need a team who will help you navigate the legal ocean on your schedule.

Equine Business Law Services

Equilaw provides business law services to keep your company on solid legal footing. Some of our services include:


  • Employment
  • Contracts
  • General Liability
  • Leases
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Import/export
  • Trademarks
  • Intellectual Property
  • Law Suits
  • Taxation
  • Document Writing & Review

LLC Formation

If you are interested in establishing a equine limited liability company (LLC), we at Equilaw can lend you a helping hand. After carefully reviewing all the details of your business, we will help you determine if an LLC is right for you and your business. Whether you want to convert your business into an LLC or dissolve an existing LLC, team will guide you through the process.

Equine LLC Formation Services Include

  • Legal advice and consultation regarding the LLC formation
  • Name search and reservation
  • Customized Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, and organizational meeting minutes
  • Obtain federal EIN number (taxpayer ID number)
  • Advice and counsel on operating your LLC to maintain its limited liability status as a separate legal entity

The LLC Operating Agreement will be customized to your specific needs. The Operating Agreement is an agreement among LLC members and the member’s financial and managerial rights/duties. The success of your business venture is extremely important to us.

Arbitration and Mediation

Conflicts are already emotional and upsetting. Sometimes it takes an outside or legal party to facilitate a resolution. Equalaw provides arbitration and mediation services to help resolve conflicts.

Ready to Help

Our goal is to help you through your conflict so you can continue on with your life. We strive to come up with a resolution that works for both parties and protects both parties legally. When you work with Equilaw, you will benefit from:

  • Logical Approach
  • Hassle-free appointment setting
  • Legal expertise

Are you ready to resolve your conflict? Get started today with a free consultation.

Trainer, Farm, Property and Personal Equine Liability

Being part of the equine community involves its own challenges and liabilities. There are many legal issues that others simply do not have to worry about.

Property Liability

Whether you operate several horse farms or simply own a few horses for pleasure, the everyday care of your animals should be your top priority, not worrying your equine property liability.

How Can I Protect My Liabilities

Our team can help you determine your equine liability needs and the best way to protect yourself. If you have an equine liability case, Equilaw is prepared to fight on your behalf. Have questions? Contact us today!

Equine Real Estate

Buying or Selling Equine Real Estate?

Equine real estate attorneys help with all property-related legal issues. Buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate should work with an equine attorney to negotiate the terms of agreement; draft and review the contract; review paperwork; clear existing liens; and attend the closing. Equine lawyers can assist property owners with addressing zoning and appealing property tax assessment.

Equine Land Use – Equine Zoning

You need to make sure your land is zoned for equestrian use for the following:

  • Riding lessons
  • Rides
  • Training
  • Projects for educational purposes
  • Boarding and related care
  • Equine Shows

Equilaw can help with your equestrian land use and getting it properly zoned.

Representation Before Equine Sports Governing Agencies

USEF, USDF, AQHA, NTRA, USTA and other designated organizations.

Equine Regulatory Representation

What is Regulatory Representation?

Federal and state statutes create equine regulatory authorities with enforcement powers, including the power to:

  • Bring civil actions for penalties and injunctive relief
  • Institute criminal proceedings
  • Assess administrative penalties

Lawyers in the equine law team have defended many companies in federal, state and local environmental enforcement actions

How Should I Prepare?

In order to have your case properly presented, you should hire Equilaw, an experienced administrative law team to help you:

  • Review your case
  • Submit more evidence
  • Testify on your behalf in front of the judge

Remember, Equilaw can help you navigate the specialized laws and rules regulating equine regulation. We will do our best to represent your rights and interests.

Equine Asset Protection

You have worked hard to save and provide for your family (and horse family). Equilaw can help you protect your wealth and your assets.

We specialize in helping our clients:

  • Legal protection of wealth
  • Safeguarding assets from attacks by creditors
  • Avoid excessive taxation
  • Preserve wealth for clients and families
  • Maintain ownership of horse(s)

We represent a wide range of clients with a wide range of net worth. We have helped them protect what they have earned. Let us help you.

Equine Employment Law

Let’s face it, any equine business is a lot of work and you’re going to need help. How do you know if you need a contractor or an employee? Do you have contracts ready to protect your equine business and your new team member?

Contract of Employee?

Equilaw has helped out many equine businesses with contracts and employment. We have been in the equine business for decade and understand the needs of our industries. Let us help you today!

International Sales, Importing and Exporting of Horses

Equine import and export involves plenty of paperwork and multiple tests. Purchasing horses is even more complicated as it involves contracts and payment.

Administrative Hearings – Equine Litigation

What is an Administrative Law Hearing?

If you are denied benefits from a governing administration, you can request an appeal. This appeal is an Administrative Law Hearing.

A judge who did not participate in your first claim will re-evaluate your claim. You can either:

  • Appear at the Administrative Law Hearing
  • Have your file reviewed by a judge

Equine Liens

Horse liens, agister liens, and stableman’s lien.

Veterinary Representation

Representation of veterinarians and equine veterinary professional before licensing disciplinary agencies.

Equine Compliance

Is your equine business compliant with industry standard guidelines? Do you need help understanding the equine compliance laws?
Equilaw is well experienced with with equine compliance and we can help you make sure you work within the industry standards.

Speaking Engagements

To book a date for Steven, M. Tarshis Esq. of EquiLaw, LLC to be a guest speaker at your equine organization, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out our online form with your request.

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