EquiLaw LLC specializes equestrian law in serving individuals and entities in the equestrian community by providing equine legal solutions for equine owners and equine businesses. Our equine attorney offers services including legal support for equestrian sale, leasing a horse, horse bill of sale, and equine legal advice.

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Do I need an Equine Lawyer?

In short, every person who owns, rides, or participates in the equestrian industry whether it be for sport or a business can benefit from equine legal counsel. It is not widely understood that equine-related transactions that are considered simple and straightforward, such as the purchase, sale, or lease of a horse, are situations that really warrant legal advice and guidance. Certainly, most people recognize that transactions that are more complicated, such as the syndication of a race horse or the development of real property as an equine facility, require an equine lawyer. However in both transactions that are considered simple and even those that are recognized to be more involved, we have found that all too often, persons contact EquiLaw not at the beginning of a transaction when problems can be avoided, but after the problems have arisen. Establishing a relationship with an equine lawyer, and obtaining legal guidance or representation of an attorney prior to an equine transaction, can prevent potentially costly and stressful litigation should something go awry.

EquiLaw can provide expert counsel for the protection of rights and investments. Recently, EquiLaw persuaded the land use board of a New Jersey municipality to grant a zoning variance for a client that purchased a farm property for commercial horse breeding and training purposes. An equine lawyer’s argument on behalf of the property owner resulted in the client being granted permission to construct barns, board horses, and install fencing to a degree that would have otherwise been impermissible.

If you own, sell, buy, train, board, or breed horses, or have an equine-related business or property, and have an issue that you believe can benefit from the input and advice of an equine lawyer, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. For a better understanding of the services that we provide and how we can assist you in virtually any kind of transaction that involves horses or a horse related business please visit our Services Page. You can email us from our Contact page at our website, or for a faster response, call us at (844) 737-8452.

EquiLaw looks forward to helping protect yourself, your horses, and your investments in the equine industry.