Help eliminate the sales tax on horse stalls.

horse stall tax petition

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“N.J. Attorney Seeks Signatures on Petition”

EquiLaw LLC specializes equestrian law in serving individuals and entities in the equestrian community by providing equine legal solutions for equine owners and equine businesses. Our equine attorney offers services including legal support for equestrian sale, leasing a horse, horse bill of sale, and equine legal advice.

Equine Employment Law

Contractor of Employee?

Let’s face it, any equine business is a lot of work and you’re going to need help. How do you know if you need a contractor or an employee? Do you have contracts ready to protect your equine business and your new team member?

Equilaw has helped out many equine businesses with contracts and employment. We have been in the equine business for decade and understand the needs of our industries. Let us help you today!

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